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Aging is a normal part of life, however all too often we don’t consider what that actually means before it may be too late. It’s something which happens to everyone and will have an impact on almost every aspect of your life, so really, you need to know more.

older lady enters nursing homeWhy do we age? Well the body is naturally designed to decline as we get older. This is a combination of our cells no longer being replicated and our immune system beginning to stop working. Essentially, it’s all part of our preprogramming and when we are born it is mapped out that our bodies will eventually start to slow down and stop.

What happens when we age? Well our bodies don’t continue to work at the same rate so there are some noticeable changes. The most prominent are normally with our skin as wrinkles become more apparent, though actually our skin does wrinkle throughout our lives. Skin can also become looser and less resilient leading to marking or scarring.

When we age it’s not just our skin that will change. Greater strain will be placed on muscles and joints while doing daily tasks. This can lead to long term or chronic problems with legs or back. In turn, this can mean mobility is badly impaired and independence can be lost.

Furthermore, in some cases, we can see the deterioration of people’s cognitive ability to make coherent decisions. Diseases which we are yet to fully understand may stop an older individual from being able to take care of themselves without help and support.

Aging can have some big impacts on our lives and to counter them we have to understand the extent of them. Thankfully for those who need some extra support there are people to help.

Support and care for the elderly

As we get older we have to be ready for the possibility that we will need care and support from specialists. In some cases, this decision it might be that a member of the family will need to make this decision as they are unable to provide the care needed.

Care homes, with specialist support staff, exist throughout the country and offer a range of services. Many of these don’t just have the standard facilities but have also built a lifestyle support service, creating communities between older people.

If you, or somebody you love, may be in need of this extra care then visit the aged care website.

Stretch Marks

Stretch marks occur when your skin has been stretched past a certain point and therefore it cannot fully heal. This can happen for a few reasons but the majority of the time it is related to extreme weight gain, growth spurts, or pregnancy.

Elastin and collagen are both essential for keeping your skin elasticated. This elastic quality allows your skin to stretch and adapt without altering the shape or making marks. Middle layers of skin, and the epidermis, will then tear and cause red marks to appear. This will eventually form scar tissue and turn to a silver color but there will often be visible signs for your whole life.

A lot of the time stretch marks will occur when skin is not as healthy as it can be. Lack of hydration in skin and failure to be properly moisturized can all contribute to stretch marks. Similarly, a lack of vitamins and minerals in the skin can mean that we are more prone to stretch marks.

As we get older it is common for stretch marks to become more prominent. This is mainly due to skin becoming less toned and looser in key areas. Thinner and weaker layers of skin make these silver marks much more visible than when we are younger.

Treating Stretch Marks

So how can we treat stretch marks? It’s difficult to treat stretch marks when they appear and actually the most positive impacts are generally through preventative measures. The best way to do this is often just to keep your skin healthy generally.

Staying hydrated is hugely important to your overall health and the health of your skin. Moisturizer is also key to keeping your skin resilient and flexible. Regular moisturizing will allow your skin to stretch as much as possible therefore limiting the overstretching that causes stretch marks.

However, once you have stretch marks there are still a number of ways to treat them. There are number of lotions, ointments and pills available from a variety of well-known brands. You’ll also find some home remedies which are known to be effective.

There isn’t a right or wrong answer necessarily, but our tip is to look for vitamin A in the ingredients list. Vitamin A is vital to healthy skin and when combined with a moisturizer it can be very effective.

If you’re looking for something more drastic you can consider laser surgery. Powerful lasers can be used to target the scar tissue and destroy it. This effectively means you can remove the stretch marks entirely, though the results are generally better the earlier you start the treatment.

Unfortunately, stretch marks will only continue to be more visible with age. The key to preventing them is to keep your skin healthy and well hydrated while also ensuring you have enough vitamins and minerals. Healthy skin is important not just for your looks but for your health, so make sure you’re taking care of it every day.

There was a time when everyone was afraid of tanning and there is still quite a stigma when it comes to indoor tanning. At the same time we are appreciating how a tan looks and feels more and more, and most of us wouldn’t think about going for a night out without some on.

tanning-bed-300x263Tanning is done in a number of ways but it’s where your body is exposed to light (ultraviolet light) for a prolonged period of time. In this time the ultraviolet rays have an impact on your skin and the melanin in your skin cells. More melanin is produced as a response which leads to a darkening of the surrounding area. This is what we call a tan.

Tanning is what we do to make ourselves feel sexier and better looking. It gives us an even skin tone and makes us look generally a lot healthier and well maintained. It even makes clothes look better on us!

Aside from the aesthetics, tanning can also make us healthier too. When exposed to sunlight or UV light our bodies are encouraged to produce vitamin D. This is one of the most important vitamins for our body and has been proven to provide numerous benefits.

Vitamin D is used by our body to fight disease. It’s been shown to help with various forms of cancer, specifically liver cancer, and also with arthritis and hypertension. Interestingly vitamin D has also been linked to preventing obesity as it stimulates the thyroid gland which is associated with the metabolism.

Tanning makes us look and feel great. It’s an important part of our style and something we consider alongside our clothes and haircut.

Tanning Lotion

There’s a number of ways to get a tan, but unless you’re lucky enough to live in a sun kissed area you’ll need to hit the sunbeds. Even for those who live in those sunny areas often indoor tanning can be more effective and take less time to produce results.

Indoor tanning is a great way to get an even tan, but if you’re looking for the best results you should consider selecting a tanning lotion. Tanning lotions are specially designed to help with the tanning process. There are a number of them on the market, with outdoor tanning lotions helping you tan but also containing sunscreen to protect the skin.

Indoor tanning lotions don’t have any sunscreen but instead are specially designed to be used in sunbeds, encouraging an even tan which lasts but also so they won’t have any effect on the beds themselves.

There are two main types of indoor tanning lotion. Basic Tan Accelerators are used for those who are new to tanning and just want to establish a base tan. These are simple and often contain moisturisers which hydrate and soothe the skin so it’s protected.

Bronzers are the more common variety of tanning lotion. These work with the melanin in your skin to encourage more to be produced. This brings out the deep, natural looking colour of the skin pigment. When these first came out there were a number of reports of orange staining on the skin but the formula has since been perfected and now that’s not an issue.

Finding the Right Tanning Lotion

There are a lot of different Tanning lotions made specifically for sunbeds and indoor tanning. You’ll want to find one which will be effective and suitable to your skin.

For more information and a list of the best tanning lotions check out: https://www.youlookattractive.com/indoor-tanning-bed-lotions/

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ab tonerFitness is the hot topic at the moment. We’re all obsessed with being our best selves, dieting and working out to get the look we desire. Of course it’s all about being healthy first and foremost. People who are in shape have a better quality of life and are generally happier, more confident and even more successful.

However let’s not overlook the other reason to work out, looking good! We’re able to share ourselves more than ever through social media and showing off a great physique feels amazing. To get the ultimate body we need to work out.

Working out our whole body is important of course, but abs are the classic part of the body we want to look flawless. Well defined, strong abdominals look amazing whether you’re in or out of clothes. Abs are also important for your long term health, helping with posture and to avoid back problems.

Abs are crucial if you want the healthy and sexy look and just like when you’re exercising any other part of the body you need to do it right. This means using specialist equipment and doing specialist exercises, that’s where ab machines come in. Ab machines are the best way to isolate your core and really work it out. Let’s take a look at what they have to offer.

Comparing Ab Exercisers

Ab exercisers let you isolate the abdominals and really put some focus on them. They are built to mirror traditional exercises in the gym and recreate them in your own home. Traditional exercises for abs include the sit up bench and ab roller wheels. These have shown their effectiveness throughout the years but can often be fairly rigid with the routines. This means you’re not getting the full benefit from the exercise and can even lead to injury.

Ab exercisers are an alternative that let you make more from your work out and offer a range of benefits to traditional gym equipment.

Advantages of Ab Exercisers

There are a number of distinct differences to ab exercisers from traditional gym equipment that make them extremely useful for everyone:

Unlike the static gym equipment we’re used to ba exercisers offer much more flexibility. This means you can set them up and use them at home, or anywhere needed. The exercises themselves can be more flexible too, allowing you full range of motion.

Gym equipment has come on leaps and bounds in the past decade but too often we see abdominal exercises being exactly the same. Ab exercisers have allowed you to take it further by combining workouts on different surfaces and with other equipment.

Ab Exercisers are now more creative than ever. This let’s you exercise the abdominals fully, allowing you to tone and strengthen the area more than before. The result is more defined and better looking abs.

Disadvantages of Ab Exercisers

The main disadvantage is that there is a lot of choice and it can be difficult to find the best one for you. Luckily we’ve created this article comparing Ab exercisers with 5 top recommendations for you. So if you’re looking for perfect abs then look no further, we’ve got you covered.

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Getting smooth hair free skin isn’t just a routine, it’s become a science. Advances in the industry every year have allowed us to get the best results with fewer and fewer downsides. The smooth skin of your dreams no longer exists just in your head, but can be a part of your daily life.

It used to be that hair removal was performed by specialists in salons and came with a hefty price tag. This made it inaccessible for some people who had to rely on the regular shaving in the shower. These days home hair removal is the way forward and there are loads of ways to get that smooth feeling at home.

Painless wax beansWaxing is now the most popular form of hair removal. It’s basically the most effective way to remove hair, several times more effective than shaving. Whereas shaving trims the hair, waxing removes it at the root meaning it takes much longer to grow back. Waxing is also quicker and cheaper with new products making it much more affordable.

Waxing at home is definitely a daunting prospect at first but before you write it off let me introduce you to Painless Wax Beans.

Wax Beans

Wax Beans are a fairly new concept and they’re becoming more popular every day. Wax beans are simply small pellets of wax which are made using a special formula.They’re made of what we describe as hard wax which is being shown to be much more effective than traditional soft wax used in many treatments.

Hard wax melts at lower temperatures. This means that the beans will melt readily when applied to skin, allowing the formula to spread over the skin and hair. The wax then hardens but doesn’t stick to the skin. Instead the wax grips the hairs (by the root) tightly, allowing you to pull back the wax and reveal soft and smooth skin.

Wax beans can be used all pretty much every area of the body, including legs, armpits and even the face. The beauty of them is that they are a stand alone product, with no need for extras or expensive kits to get all the waxing done.

Painless Wax Beans

Waxing has long been feared as a very painful experience which can leave us dreading doing it next time. In fact over time waxing products have been designed to be less irritating and more effective, meaning that if you use the right products the right way you won’t feel any pain.

Wax beans are the pain free way to wax that allow you to gently remove the wax along with any hair in the region. The special formula and wax used in the beans means that there’s no agonising ripping of the strip. Plus with wax beans there’s no risk of cutting or bruising your skin at all.

Benefits of Wax Beans

Wax beans are one of the fastest growing products in the beauty industry and it’s because of the simple nature of the product. People want to do their hair removal at home which means a product without 15 different elements is really respected.

If you haven’t yet tried them, painless wax beans are one of the best ways to achieve hair free skin that you can show off. Simple, affordable and effective wax beans are the future of waxing.

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