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Unbiased Product Reviews

Basq Advanced Stretch Mark Butter Review

This cream is loaded. I give Basq NYC full credit for using first-class ingredients (more later), but there were some other concerns when I placed that first order. The official product name is Basq Intensive Treatment Stretch Mark Butter. Basq claims that it can both prevent stretch marks and help get rid of stretch marks […]

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Botanic Tree Stretch Mark Cream Review | You'll Be Surprised

It's rare to find stretch mark removal creams that are working well. That makes Botanic Tree Stretch Mark Cream an exciting discovery! Thanks to Bethany Scharf for writing in to let me know about this one. Botanic Tree is NOT a big name in skincare, but the price on this one made it a no-brainer […]

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Mederma Stretch Mark Cream Review - Does it Get the Job Done?

What's the most popular stretch mark cream brand available? Visit any pregnancy forum or even answers website and you'll more than likely figure it out. The answer? Mederma. This company has made a huge name for itself with their treatments for both scars and stretch marks. But the most popular product they own is Stretch […]

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Erbaorganics Stretch Mark Cream Review

Want to attempt using a stretch mark cream on your skin but don't care for the lab-grown, synthetic materials found in some of the most popular brands? Well, if you'd prefer to take a more all-natural approach you may want to consider using Ebraorganics' Mommy-To-Be Stretch Mark Cream, a special topical treatment formulated with completely […]

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