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Wax Bean Review

Getting smooth hair free skin isn’t just a routine, it’s become a science. Advances in the industry every year have allowed us to get the best results with fewer and fewer downsides. The smooth skin of your dreams no longer exists just in your head, but can be a part of your daily life. It used to be that hair removal was performed by specialists in salons and came with a hefty price tag. This made it inaccessible for some people who had to rely on the regular shaving in the shower. These days home hair removal is the...

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Stretch Marks: Guide to Causes, Treatments, and More

There are no two ways around it – stretch marks suck! The cold reality, however, is that nearly everyone gets them. We know… that doesn’t really make you feel any better about them. It’s okay, MOST people feel the same way. Those lines and defined ridges can definitely be an embarrassing eyesore. Don’t get too gloomy on us, though – there is light at the end of the tunnel. Today we’re going to talk about the causes of these annoying blemishes, the actual science behind them, and, of course, steps you can take to start erasing them from your...

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How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks for Men

Did you know that stretch marks don’t just plague women? That’s right, those nasty, incredibly annoying scars that cause ripples and discoloration in your skin have no mercy when it comes to gender. Men can get them, too! Getting Rid of Stretch Marks (The Men’s Guide) While the most common cause of these marks is pregnancy, which obviously only applies to the ladies, there are a few ways that men can develop stretch marks, too. The most common causes for men are: Fast Weight Gain or Weight Loss Growth Spurts (Teens Only) Muscle Building Down below we’re going to...

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How to Get Rid of Old Stretch Marks with Ease

Stretch marks are already a pain to deal with, but if you’ve let them go untreated for an extended period of time, you’re in even more trouble. Old stretch marks are often the most difficult to remove. They’re often just white lines that are practically a normal part of your skin at this point. Plus, they’re usually deeper than newer marks. Treating Old Stretch Marks This means that in order to get rid of them completely you’re going to need to use something that can penetrate multiple layers of the skin to get to the root of the problem....

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Laser Removal of Stretch Marks – Effective or Not?

There are several options for dealing with stretch marks – creams, peels, oils, etc – but one of the most asked about is laser. Dermatologists and med spas often offer services involving the laser stretch mark removal. Using specialized lasers professionals are able to target each mark and help repair the skin and fade the odd colors. But is this treatment method effective? Well, the answer is yes. It does, however, require undergoing 3-5 or more laser sessions to completely get rid of the marks. It depends greatly on how defined and colored the marks on your body are....

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