Author: Jade Stefanic

CeraVe Intensive Stretch Marks Cream Review

Are you prone to developing stretch marks? Think your baby-on-the-way is going to make the skin on your stomach look horrific? If so, you’re probably considering using a stretch mark cream to either prevent or reverse the damage that this condition causes. One product that is on the rise lately for this is CeraVe Intensive Stretch Marks Cream. Below we provide a full review of this product. TO THE POINT: Due to the lack of awareness of this product and results from our own tests, we do NOT recommend using CeraVe for stretch marks. For best results we recommend...

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Using Fractional Laser for Stretch Marks Removal

Want to blast your stretch marks away without worrying about an invasive surgery or spending a couple of months applying a topical cream to the affected areas? Laser technology, which has mostly been associated with removing scars and wrinkles, can also be used to get rid of stretch marks through fractional laser skin resurfacing. About Fractional Laser Treatment Here’s a video of doctors talking about how these lasers work to eradicate marks: These lasers are approved by the FDA and certainly work well. The doctors also mention using IPL for getting rid of the discoloration from marks and a...

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How to Minimize Stretch Marks on ANY Body Part

Stretch marks may not be physically painful, but heaven knows they cause a ton of emotional grief for both women and, in some cases, men. They’re hideous, hard to get under control, and are devastating to a person’s self esteem. So what can be done? Well, luckily, there are a few different methods to minimize stretch marks no matter where they occur. Here’s a video from YouTube user, Kelly Everson, where she discusses the causes of these awful scars and how she recommends dealing with them: Topical Treatments In the video Rachel mentions a few different techniques. One is...

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Exfoliating Stretch Marks for Optimal Results

Whether you’re using a cream to get rid of stretch marks or having surgical or spa treatments done to remove them, it’s always a good idea to accompany these solutions with exfoliation. This process is a core part of nearly every beauty regimen. Why? Because it helps to get rid of dead or damaged skin cells and make way for new, healthy ones. Tips for Exfoliating Your Stretch Marks This video by Expert Village, while not of the greatest recording quality, provides some great tips and information that will teach you how to properly exfoliate the skin. This tutorial...

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How to Get Rid of Male Stretch Marks

Did you know that stretch marks don’t just plague women? That’s right, those nasty, incredibly annoying scars that cause ripples and discoloration in your skin have no mercy when it comes to gender. Men can get them, too! Getting Rid of Stretch Marks (The Men’s Guide) While the most common cause of these marks is pregnancy, which obviously only applies to the ladies, there are a few ways that men can develop stretch marks, too. The most common causes for men are: Fast Weight Gain or Weight Loss Growth Spurts (Teens Only) Muscle Building Down below we’re going to...

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