Have you recently developed stretch marks somewhere on your body? Or perhaps they’ve been there a while and you’re looking for a way to finally remove them. Well, there are multiple methods for doing this but one of the easiest, cheapest, and still effective ways is to use a stretch mark cream. One such product available is called Setavan. Today we’re going to discuss this cream in full detail.

NOTE: Senvie, makers of Setavan, have dropped the Setavan branding and are just using Senvie now in product labeling.

About Setavan

Setavan is yet another stretch mark cream that is only sold online (similar to Revitol or RevitaGen). According to their website this product is meant to repair skin that has been afflicted with stretch marks.

Setavan Stretch Mark Cream
The company claims that this cream work both new and old stretch marks and will remove the scars and silver, purple, or reddish colors that come with them.

Setavan is formulated with a mix of various anti-oxidants and moisturizers that nourish the skin, help promote the growth of health skin cells, and restore the strength and resilience of the skin to its former glory.

The company even goes as far as to say that they guarantee results within 14 days or you can get a full refund.

Setavan Reviews

Normally we suggest that our readers seek out the opinions of individuals that have already used a product before purchasing it for themselves. Unfortunately, Setavan is one of those obscure products that has little or no buzz around it, therefore there aren’t really any real consumer reviews to read for it.

This is what we would normally consider a red flag. Generally speaking, if a product doesn’t have any history behind or any indication that people have actually used it, it goes on our “not recommended” list.

Best Stretch Mark Cream: TriLastin-SR

Our Review

Setavan is easily one of the most over-priced, underwhelming stretch mark creams we’ve ever come across. A single jar of this stuff has a retail value of $109.95, although the website claims that with a “limited-time” special you can purchase a jar for just $54.94. But, from what we can tell, this “deal” is ALWAYS available. Yet another red flag.

Our Review

Setavan also gets a nod of disapproval because of its formula. Essentially this product is no different than a standard skin moisturizer that you can find at pretty much any beauty store or even pharmacy. You can get an identical product for a much better price.

Effectiveness – 4/10

Public Opinion – 0/10 (unheard of product)

Price – 2/10

Final Score – 2/10

NOT RECOMMENDED. Other products provide much more bang for your buck. This cream is a moisturizer dressed as a miracle cure with a price tag that matches its ridiculousness. If you’re looking for something worth your time, try using TriLastin-SR or Skinception, both are proven to provide great results, have great history, and don’t come off as scammy, low-quality products.

How to Use It

We weren’t able to find any usage instructions for this product but if it’s like most other creams you would simply rub the product onto the skin where you have stretch marks 1-2 times daily. According to Setavan you should see results within 14 days of use.

Where to Buy It

Still want to give Setavan stretch mark cream a chance? Well, there’s only one place to get it – their official website. And, as mentioned above, it’s not cheap. $54.95 for one jar, a 3 month supply option for $105.95, and a 150 day supply option that costs $159.95.

NOTE: Amaon now sells Senvie’s products and you can find VERY ATTRACTIVE pricing HERE.