Want to blast your stretch marks away without worrying about an invasive surgery or spending a couple of months applying a topical cream to the affected areas? Fractional lasers, which have mostly been associated with removing scars and wrinkles, can also be used to get rid of stretch marks through laser skin resurfacing.

About Fractional Laser Treatments

Here’s a video of doctors talking about how these lasers work to eradicate marks:

These lasers are approved by the FDA and work well. The doctors also mention using IPL for getting rid of the discoloration from marks and a surgical procedure that is often used in a Mommy Makeover which is used sometimes to treat marks.

Lasers vs Creams

The only thing that they said that we don’t agree with is the statement about stretch mark removal creams not working. Let’s be honest, these physicians are making an infomercial to get people in their clinic for these pricey laser treatments. While creams are definitely slower, they DO work for most people when used regularly.

We’ve found that proper creams like TriLastin stretch mark cream and Mederma work exceptionally well when used correctly and for a 4-8 weeks. Is it as fast as a laser? Of course not, but it still works. So, if you’re a bit patient and wanting to get results without having to spend a small fortune we strongly suggest trying a topical cream before going the laser route.

But if you prefer faster results and are capable of dropping several hundred dollars at a time (around $250 per session), using fractional laser treatments you can eliminate stretch marks quite quickly. It’s important to remember that you need 3-5 treatments to completely get rid of marks, though. These treatments usually take 30-45 minutes each.