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Posted July 5, 2020 by Jade Stefanic / 
Exfoliating Stretch Marks for Optimal Results

Exfoliating Stretch Marks for Optimal Results | Can it Help?

Whether you're using a cream to get rid of stretch marks or having surgical or spa treatments done to remove them, it's always a good idea to accompany these solutions with exfoliation. This process is a core part of nearly every beauty regimen. Why? Because it helps to get rid of dead or damaged skin cells and make way for new, healthy ones.


Tips for Exfoliating Your Stretch Marks

This video by Expert Village, while not of the greatest recording quality, provides some great tips and information that will teach you how to properly exfoliate the skin.

This tutorial focuses on the face but the same techniques can be used to exfoliate areas like your stomach and thighs where stretch marks commonly appear. Doing so will help to remove the scarred and discolored skin cells. Exfoliating the affected area every couple of days will help speed up your results.

If you are having professional laser or surgical treatments done be sure to consult your physician before doing this just to make sure it's 100% safe to do so. You may have to wait a few days after a treatment session before starting exfoliation to allow the skin to heal properly.

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