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DermaRESTORE Advanced Stretch Mark and Scar Cream Review

DermaRESTORE is a product designed to eliminate stretch marks and scars that has gained a lot of positive feedback. It comes from PRI (Phoenix Rejuvenation Institute), a relatively small skin & hair care company based in Arizona. The only other product the company is known for is its Formula500 hair regeneration system. TO THE POINT: […]

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Marksil Stretch Mark Cream Review

Just lost a bunch of weight and discovered lines, ridges, and oddly-colored scars on your skin around your belly, thighs, or even on your arms? Well, you've more than likely developed dermal scars or, as they're more commonly referred to, stretch marks. They're rather ugly and a pain to deal with. But through the use […]

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Clarins Stretch Mark Control Review

Trying to jump the hurdle of having stretch marks after major weight loss or gain, pregnancy, or even just from the standard stages of puberty? These sorts of scars can be quite hideous and make a person weary of showing off any skin in public or private. But, luckily, there are ways to treat it. […]

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Mustela Stretch Marks Prevention Cream Review

Going through a pregnancy and finding that your skin is beginning to develop the deeply grooved, discolored scars known as stretch marks? Unfortunately, that's no surprise. Most women wind up getting these scars during pregnancy because of how much the body expands and stretches the skin while your baby is growing. Thankfully, though, there are […]

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Erbaviva Stretch Mark Cream Review

Pregnancy is tough, both mentally and physically. As your baby grows your body goes through a lot to keep up. On top of pains, sickness, and feeling tired all of the time you also have to worry about the potential long-term effects of your body's rapid growth. We're speaking, of course, about stretch marks. Yes, […]

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